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Your qualified retirement benefit payments are tax reportable.

Since retirement benefit payments from group annuity contracts are tax reportable, it’s important that you keep your address of record current so you can receive your tax forms on time.

  • To update your address, click here.
  • To request a duplicate tax form be sent to your address of record for a prior tax year, click here.
  • To change your tax withholding information, click here.

For federal tax identification certification purposes, John Hancock will request you complete and submit the most recent version of IRS Form W-9 or, if applicable, IRS Form W-8BEN. For help completing IRS Form W-9, click here to watch a video guide.

Federal tax withholding depends on the type of payment you elect.

  • Periodic payments are substantially equal payments made at least once a year over the life of the participant and/or contingent annuitant for 10 years or more.
  • Non-periodic payments are one-time lump-sum payments. Per IRS regulations, John Hancock is required to withhold a mandatory 20% of all lump sum distributions made to spousal and non-spousal beneficiaries who do not elect a direct roll-over.

State tax withholdings vary by state. Please speak with a qualified tax professional or visit your state's Department of Revenue website for information specific to your state. If you move to a new state, please note that different tax withholding may be required for that state.

When will tax forms
be mailed?

The following 2020 tax forms will be mailed in 2021 on or about:

  • Form 1099-INT on January 18
  • Form 1099-MISC on January 22
  • Form W-2 on January 23
  • Form 1099-R on January 21
  • Form 480.7C on February 28
  • Form 1042-S on March 15

How do I read my IRS Form 1099-R tax statement?

Please click here to access a reference guide for reading your IRS Form 1099-R
tax statement.

Access our tax
reference guide. 

Please click here to view
John Hancock's 2021
tax guide.

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