Required Information

Additional information may be required to process your benefit. 

As you are preparing for retirement, you will be provided with the Payment Election form to choose your benefit option. In addition, supporting documentation will also be required in order to begin collecting your retirement benefit.

Please be prepared to gather the following additional information, which may be necessary:

  • Proof of birth* for both you and your spouse, if applicable
    *copy of driver’s license, birth certificate or passport
  • Marriage or death certificate of spouse, if applicable
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order documents, if applicable
  • A voided check and financial institution account information in the name of the participant for electronic payment delivery
  • Federal tax certification forms such as IRS Form W-9 or IRS Form W-8BEN
  • State tax withholding forms
  • Notarized spousal signature if you are married and not electing a joint and survivor benefit option 

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