Starting Retirement

Beginning to think about retiring is an exciting time in your life.

At John Hancock, our goal is to make the retirement process as simple as possible for you. We work directly with you to inform you of your retirement benefit options when you are nearing retirement.

The date that you are eligible to begin collecting benefits depends on the terms and requirements defined within the group annuity contract. However, most participants are generally eligible for full retirement benefits when they turn 65.

Some participants may also be eligible to collect benefits at an earlier or later age, depending on the group annuity contract. In addition, there may be certain restrictions to begin collecting benefits, including ineligibility if you are currently working or requirements for years of service.

Keep your
contact information up-to-date.

Make sure John Hancock has your current address so we can easily reach you when your retirement date is approaching. Click here for a Change of Address form.

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